This Year, make 'Christ Centered' Christmas Cards your theme.. 
-- Beautiful Christmas Cards that share the real meaning of Christmas-- 
Once you see the Quality and Message these cards deliver, you will never go back to a non Christian card again..  Neither will your Customers..

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There are many reasons why you should use our resources:

- Your Council can easily raise funds by selling  Keep Christ in Christmas  materials to members, your parish, or your community.

- We offer convenient shopping through the mail.

- Our pricing is very reasonable

- Our Products help spread the Christmas message

- Participating in Keep Christ in Christmas will satisfy one
of the church requirements for the Columbian Award

- Assembly #0496 is now the sole Michigan Distributor

- We are 'Sir Knights' serving 'all Knights'

Look over this product list and generous selection.  (This page shows suggested retail prices. Your prices are significantly discounted.) You should also take advantage of the 'special discount' on one starter case (order b/4 Sept 25th) of Christmas cards. 

We encourage you to submit your orders as early as possible to insure an adequate supply and timely shipping.